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Doron Abrahami, MBA

Doron Abrahami is the founder and CEO of Accelerated Business Builders, a performance improvement firm whose proven approach and vetted systems have been used to improve businesses of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to family firms.

The son of immigrants, Doron grew up in an entrepreneurial family. He worked in the food industry, both retail and wholesale manufacturing, from a very young age. Over the years, he covered everything from sweeping floors, to optimizing automated production, to negotiating with customers and suppliers.


After moving overseas from New Jersey in the 1990’s, Doron spent 15 years in international high-tech companies – holding leadership roles in startups and large enterprise.

After surviving both the dotcom crash and the collapse of the global financial services market, Doron decided to pursue his solo entrepreneurial ambitions. That year, he founded Next Brands Group, Inc., a strategy, marketing, and promotional agency based in Tel Aviv and Fort Lauderdale.


In 2013, Doron sold the marketing and promotional division of Next Brands, creating River Run Consulting Group to concentrate on business strategy, management systems, and processes. In 2022, River Run rebranded as Accelerated Business Builders.

Doron holds a BA in Philosophy from Union College, and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

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Accelerated Business Builders Founder, Doron Abrahami
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